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Sustainable Cities Course 2016 Scholarship Opportunity

Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA)


  • Be a citizen and/or permanent legal resident of any OAS member state, except Jamaica;

  • Submit a complete scholarship application with all supporting documents;

  • Not be an OAS staff or individual who maintains employment contracts with the OAS or a staff of a Permanent Mission to the OAS or immediate relatives of a staff of a Permanent Mission to the OAS;

  • Have not received other scholarship from the OAS for the same level of studies and/or program of study as advertised in this announcement.


The Organization of American States (OAS), through the Department of Human Development, Education and Employment (DHDEE) and the Department of Sustainable Development, through the OAS Partnerships Program for Education and Training (PAEC), are offering scholarships to qualified candidates of the Americas to participate in the course below. The scholarship application ends on October 1st 2016.



The OAS will cover a round trip ticket, USD 1,350 maximum, tuition fees, health insurance, administration fees, study material and coffee break


About the course


The objective of the Course is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on the different elements that contribute to the development of sustainable cities to government officials and members of civil society involved in planning processes and urban development.

The course will include theoretical presentations that combine the professor’s input with student participation. Case studies will be presented and discussed in order to develop practical skills regarding the issues discussed. A web platform will be created for each module providing background readings and material that students will prepare in order to enhance learning and assimilation of the program content. The course will combine theory with practical exercises in which the students will experience the content of each module applied to real life situations through lectures, readings, field trips group exercises and discussion. The course will close with a field trip in which students will be able to come in contact with the operations and functioning of green and energy efficient buildings in Jamaica. The Sustainable Cities Course is part of the “Sustainable Communities in Central America and Caribbean Initiative” supported by the Permanent Mission of the United States to the OAS.


Course Content:


1. Module I: Land Use and Urban Planning

  • Concepts and frameworks for approaching urban sustainability and planning; Ecology and ecosystem science and geospatial technologies as applied to urban areas: cities as eco-systems, the relationship between the urban;
  • The natural environment, including urban open space, biodiversity, and ecosystem services;
  • Squatter Management: Reducing informal settlements for safer construction and planned city growth;
  • Promotion of the quality of life in cities and communities by increasing the available public spaces ;
  • Lessons Learned from a Local Sustainable Development Plan

2. Module II: Sustainable Tourism

  • Improving the tourism product by increasing sustainability initiatives;
  • From Farm to Table - Improving the cooperation between farmers and hospitality ;
  • Eco Tourism;
  • Community Tourism

3. Module III: City Mobility and Transport

  • Relationship between land use and transportation;
  • Plans for the railroad redevelopment;
  • Public Transit (brt) and Non-Motorized Transportation;
  • Inner city transport - walking and biking options for sustainability

4. Module IV: Crime and Safety

  • Community policing for increased confidence in law enforcement
  • Crime reducing initiatives
  • Integrated City services – The new Integrated Operations Centre

5. Module V: Environmental Sustainability

  • Waste Management, Recycling and Water Resource Management
  • Resource conservation through effective waste management, reuse, recycling and support for sustainable products and services;
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency in the context of Sustainable Cities
  • Community-based initiatives to advance the use and adoption of clean, renewable energy solutions, and enhance energy efficiency;
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Based Electrification and increased accessibility to solar equipment

6. Module VI: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

  • Sustainable Evacuation and Planning/Disaster Risk Management;
  • Managing risks to the coastal communities of Montego Bay from natural hazards in the coastal
    zone and vulnerability to climate change

7. Module VII: Employment and Education

  • Creating vibrant local economic development from sustainable initiatives
  • Identifying major growth sectors early to improve competitiveness.
  • Courses that matter. Creating employable graduates


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