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Study a Master or PhD in Australia with Endeavour Scholarships

Gobierno de Australia


  • be aged 18 years or over at the commencement of their programme

  • be a citizen and/or permanent resident of a participating country

  • commence their proposed programme after 1 January 2017 and no later than 30 November 2017. Applicants whohave already commenced or will commence their intended programme prior to 2017 are not eligible to apply

  • provide all relevant supporting documentation

  • not currently hold or have completed, after 1 January 2015, an Australian Government sponsored scholarship and/orfellowship (directly administered to recipients by the Australian Government).

  • not apply for a category in which they have already completed an Endeavour scholarship or fellowship


The Australian Government Department of Education and Training administers the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships. The Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship provides financial support for international applicants to undertake a postgraduate qualification at a Masters or PhD level either by coursework or research in any field in Australia for up to four yearsApplications will close 30 June 2016 at 11:59 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

All recipients will receive: 

  • travel allowance: $3,000 (provision to pay up to $4,500 under special circumstances) 
  • establishment allowance: $2,000 (fellowships) or $4,000 (scholarships) 
  • monthly stipend: $3,000 (paid up to the maximum category duration on a pro-rata basis)
  • health insurance for the full category duration (OSHC for international recipients) 
  • travel insurance (excluding during programme for international recipients)


Steps required to apply for an Endeavour scholarship or fellowship 

Step 1. Read these guidelines and the Frequently Asked Questions to gain an understanding of the programme and what is required for an application.

Step 2. Review and ensure the minimum eligibility requirements are met.

Step 3. Read the terms and conditions. If an Endeavour scholarship or fellowship is offered, the recipient must agree to the terms and conditions and accept within seven days. If the offer is not accepted within this period, the offer may be withdrawn.

Step 4. Once the application period is open, an application can be started by registering on Endeavour Online. Instructions can be found at this link

Step 5.To be considered for more than one scholarship or fellowship an applicant is required to lodge a separate application for each category.

Step 6. Note the unique application ID and reference in any correspondence with the department.

Step 7. Complete responses to the selection criteria and upload supporting documentation.

Step 8. Finalise and submit an application. Once an application has been successfully submitted an automated email acknowledging the receipt of the application will be sent to the email address provided. Once an application has been submitted, no further changes (including addition of documents) can be made.


An applicant is responsible for: 

  • meeting the eligibility requirements and providing the correct supporting documentation 
  • checking for any updates prior to submitting their application 
  • completing their application in accordance with these guidelines 
  • meeting all the costs associated with the preparation and lodgement of their application 
  • finalising and submitting their application by 11.59 pm on 30 June 2016.



Applicants may request a hard-copy application form by sending an email to the address below, indicating the reasons why they are unable to apply online. Hardcopy applications and supporting documentation must be received by the department by 11.59 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on 30 June 2016.

If support is required to participate in the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships application process, please contact the Endeavour Management Team


Selection criteria and weighting

The selection criteria for all categories of the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships are the same. The following are the selection criteria and their relative weighting:

  1. A record of high-level academic achievement and/or relevant work experience in the applicant’s chosen field of study (40%)
  2. A well-defined study, research and/or professional development programme (20%)
  3. A statement on how the international study, research or professional development opportunity would further the applicant’s academic and/or professional career (20%)
  4. A statement on how the international study, research or professional development opportunity will benefit Australia and the applicant’s potential to foster ongoing collaboration and cooperation with their home and host country (20%)


Citizenship/dual citizenship/permanent residency

Any change in the citizenship/dual citizenshipor permanent residency status of a recipient may necessitate the termination or revocation of the scholarship or fellowship. The recipient may continue their programme but they will no longer be funded by the department to do so.

International applicants must: 

  • undertake their entire programme in Australia with the exception of approved fieldwork 
  • be citizens and/or permanent residents of a participating country and remain so for the duration of their programme 
  • not hold citizenship/dual citizenship or permanent residency of Australia.


Supporting documentation

 To be eligible applicants must:

  • scan and attach their supporting documentation specified for the category for which they are applying. Applications that do not contain the necessary documentation will be deemed incomplete and therefore ineligible and will not be considered further 
  • provide an English translation if the original document is not in English 
  • provide certified (attested) copies of:
    • - Passport, Birth Certificate, National ID card or Australian Citizenship Certificate
    • - Academic transcripts
    • - IELTS, TOEFL, CAE or PTE results.

To certify a document:

  1. copy the original document
  2. present the photocopy and original to a professional person or someone well-respected in your community (‘of good standing’). This could include but is not limited to: university dean or course convener, teacher, work supervisor, lawyer, doctor, civil servant, Justice of the Peace, Commissioner of Oaths or Public Notary.
    • the certifier will sight the original against the copy of the document 
    • the certifier will write or use a stamp (if available), ‘I certify that the copy is a true copy of the original document’ 
    • the certifier will sign and date under the statement and provide details of their occupation.
  3. scan the certified copied document (not the original document)
  4. attach the document to your application.


Citizenship/dual citizenship/permanent residency*

All applicants must provide a certified copy of:

  • their most current passport, birth certificate, national identity card or Australian citizenship certificate showing full name, date of birth and country of citizenship, and 
  • official documentation (as per above) showing evidence of dual citizenship (if held), and 
  • official documentation (as per above) showing evidence of permanent residency status (only required if different from country of citizenship/dual citizenship)

*Permanent residency refers to a person's visa status: the person is allowed to reside indefinitely within a country of which he or she is not a citizen.


Educational Qualifications

All applicants must provide a certified copy:

  • of their final full version* numerically weighted Bachelor or Masters transcript that includes subjects and scores. A PhD transcript does not show suitable detail for panel assessment, therefore applicants mustprovide at least a Bachelor or Masters transcript. A PhD transcript alone will render an application ineligible. Do not include certificates.

* If an applicant has not completed an undergraduate degree but will complete by 31 December 2016, they must provide a letter from their university to state when completion is expected. A condition will be placed on their application and a final transcript will be required if they are successful in receiving a scholarship offer.


Evidence of admission to an Australian institution

The letter of admission, must include start and end dates, CRICOS code and course fees for the application to be deemed eligible. The entire course location must be in Australia at an Australian institution. Conditional admission letters will be accepted at the time of application. A letter for potential host organisations can be found attached.

Applicants should focus on one programme and state in their application why they chose this programme and their nominated institution.

 Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship (international) applicants must provide either (a) or (b):

  • (a) a letter of admission for a PhD course at an Australian university for the 2017 academic year, or
  • (b) a letter of admission for a Masters or Graduate Diploma leading into a Masters course at an Australian university for the 2017 academic year.


Evidence of language proficiency

Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship applicants must provide a certified copy of either (a) or (b):

  • (a) IELTS/TOEFL/CAE/PTE. A certified copy of an official, valid IELTS, TOEFL, CAE or PTE test result. Results are valid for two years. Tests that are provided with a test date that is before 30 June 2014 will not be accepted and the application will be marked ineligible. Test scores will need to meet the minimum requirements as per the below table:
    • IELTS - Academic Test result ONLY - Overall score of 6.5 with no individual band less than 6.0
    • TOEFL - Paper Based Test (PBT) - Score of 580 including a Test of Written English (TWE) score of 4.5
    • TOEFL - Internet Based Test (IBT) - Overall score of 79 with a minimum score of 21 in the writing section and no less than 19 in the other sections
    • CAE – Cambridge English Advanced ONLY - Overall score of 176 with no individual band less than 169
    • PTE – Academic Test result ONLY - Overall score of 58 with no individual band less than 50.
  • (b) a transcript as evidence of completion of at least one year of undergraduate level study (minimum) conducted in English, face to face at an institution located in one of the listed countries2 .


Referee reports

All applicants must provide two completed referee reports.  Referee reports must be from academic supervisors, lecturers, course convenors or workplace managers who should be familiar with the applicant’s recent academic and/or work performance and abilities. Referee reports are confidential and cannot be viewed by the applicant.

Reports must be submitted electronically via Endeavour Online. It is an applicant’s responsibility to ensure their referees complete the reports by the closing date. Applicants will only be able to submit an application when they have two referee reports in 'completed' status.

If a referee is unable to complete the referee report electronically, they may request a paper report by sending an email directly to the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships team If a referee declines to provide a report the applicant will be notified. If the referee wants to withdraw their report after completion, they may contact the Endeavour team to action this request. The applicant will be notified.


After the application process

  1. Assessment:
    • All applications submitted by the closing date are subject to eligibility checks. All eligible applications are shortlisted by the department using the selection criteria. The shortlisted applications are then assessed against the selection criteria by an independent selection panel. The recommendations of the selection panel members are considered and approved by the International Group Manager, Department of Education and Training.

      The selection panels comprise of three members, appointed by the department. Panel members include eminent academics, professionals and government representatives. Applicants should note that the personal details of selection panel members are confidential and will not be released.

      Departmental staff and/or selection panel members are required to adhere to the requirements of identification, disclosure and management of conflicts of interest when assessing applications. Any conflicts of interest will be managed by a departmental probity officer in accordance with departmental policy.
  2. Allocation process:
    • The department is unable to estimate how many Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships there will be for any one country in any round. The number of offers varies annually depending upon financial commitments, levels of demand and the number of meritorious applications received for each category. The Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships are merit based, however, final selection may target specific participating countries and regions to support Australian Government international education and research priorities and emerging bilateral education and research relationships.

  3. Notification of the outcome of the application process:
    • The department will email all successful and unsuccessful applicants regarding the outcome of their applications by the end of December 2016. Due to the high volume of applications received, the department does not provide individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants. There may be a number of reasons why an application does not pass through to the next stage. Please see the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships website at the conclusion of the round for the most common reasons why applicants were unsuccessful.

      The department will publish details of all successful recipients on the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships website

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