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Scolarships to participate in a International MBA in Peru

Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA)


  • Letter of unconditional admission to ESAN’s International MBA;

  • The awardee must not have received other academic scholarships from the OAS or from ESAN University for the same level of studies and/or programs as requested in the 2014 OAS-ESAN application;

  • Applicants must possess an excellent level of verbal English skills. If not native speakers, this must be proven through an official written document such as a transcript verifying studies in an English-speaking or English-bilingual institution; a TOEFL or IELTS score or a similar standardized test score (not older than two years); or any other proof of English language training;

  • The student must have another language (high-intermediate level) additional to English;

  • OAS staff, individuals who maintain employment contracts with the OAS, the staff of Permanent Missions to the OAS and their immediate relatives are not eligible to receive OAS-ESAN scholarships;

  • No type of employment or commercial relationship shall be established between the OAS or ESAN University and the PAEC OAS-ESAN awardees. Similarly, the OAS and ESAN shall not assume any type of liability for the student, whether civil, contractual or non-contractual, during the entire scholarship period.


The Organization of American States (OAS), through the Department of Human Development, Education and Employment (DHDEE), and ESAN University, through the OAS Partnerships Program for Education and Training (PAEC), are offering five scholarships to qualified candidates of the Americas to participate in the International MBA. The scholarship will cover 100% of the tuition costs (PEN 74,000 Peruvian Sol currency), subject to the academic performance of the student. To maintain the scholarship, recipients should maintain an average grade of 12 in each academic period.



1. Student/Applicant’s profile:

The International MBA has been designed for students who already hold a Bachelor Degree and who possess a
minimum of 3-year of corporate experience (internship are not valid).

The program is especially designed for students who aim to pursue a professional career in their home countries
as well as overseas.

2. Study Location/Modality: The program will take place in Lima, Peru. However, the program can also be completed as a double degree. Under this modality, the student will study at ESAN the first part of the program and the second at any of ESAN’s partner universities. In case the student decides to study at a partner university in Europe, s/he will not have to make any tuition payments. Please take into account that if s/he decides to study at a partner university in the USA, the student must pay 100% of tuition costs of the second year of te program.

3. Study program start date: January 23st, 2017

4. Study program duration: approximately 14 months

5. Approximate end date of the study program: March 31st, 2018

6. Language of instruction: English

Published on: May 12th, 2016

7. Admission process:

7.1 Before applying for admission, we encourage applicants to read the program description, and ensure that the study area fulfills their expectations and interests.

7.2 The student must possess a bachelor’s degree diploma or certificate of completion of undergraduate degree prior to the day the application is submitted.

7.3 The student must have another language (high-intermediate level) additional to English.

7.4 The deadline to apply for admission to the program is: July 4th, 2016.

7.5 For information about ESAN’s application process for this Program, please visit the website.


Scholarship Application Process:


Begin the admission process for the International MBA at ESAN.


Gather the following documents, which must be attached to the OAS/ESAN scholarship application form, in the following order:

Copy of government issued identification document; e.g.: passport, citizenship I.D., driver’s license, etc.

Letter of unconditional admission to ESAN University or proof of an ongoing application process at ESAN University, which could be a confirmation email with an application confirmation number.

1. Curriculum Vitae or Resume; please do not include certificates for professional development courses, workshops or similar courses.

2. Undergraduate diploma or degree certificate from the study university, certifying compliance with all academic requirements, including approval of final exams/ thesis, if applicable.

3. Copy of undergraduate academic records or transcripts of completed programs;

4. One recommendation letter: from a university professor or from a current or most recent employer. The letter must includes: the professor’s/employer’s position, contact information, date and signature. We do not require a specific format.

5. Students whose native language is not English will be required to submit one of the following documents to prove their English proficiency:

I. An official transcript verifying completion of studies in an English-speaking university in the last five years; OR

II. A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 580 or higher for the paper based (PBT) test, 237 for computer-based test, or an internet-based (IBT) score of at least 80; OR


IV. Equivalent


Draft the following essays: (each essay should have a minimum of 800 characters and a maximum of 2900 characters)

Essay 1: Describe how acquiring this academic degree will directly impact and enhance your professional skills in your current job position or career.

Essay 2: The OAS – ESAN Scholarship requires recipients to return to their country of citizenship or legal residence for 2 years upon completion of the studies. Please explain how you intend to apply the acquired knowledge and experience to contribute to the development of your country or region. Moreover, please explain the reasons why you are applying to the scholarship, your financial need and how you intend to cover additional expenses.


Complete and send the OAS/ESAN Scholarship Application Form, along with the documents listed in step 2, which should be attached in one single PDF (5MB) document in the order specified.


Evaluation and selection process; announcement of results.

Applications that meet all requirements and conditions established in this call will be subject to an evaluation and selection process in accordance with the criteria set forth herein. This procedure will be executed by an evaluation committee made up of representatives from the scholarship awarding Parties, including, experts from areas of the OAS related to the discipline of the study program, known for their outstanding career and prestige. The results of this Committee will be final.

The results will be announced after July 22nd, 2016 at



The scholarship acceptance process will take place until July 29th

. Only selected candidates will be contacted via e-mail with their official scholarship offer and further instructions on its acceptance.


Awardees prepare for the beginning of their study program: registering for classes, ordering course books, preparing their trip to Lima, etc.


To apply click here.

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