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Scholarship in Economics or Political Science - University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury



    The University of Canterbury offers two scholarship for students interested in studying an honours or master's degree in the Economics or Political Science at the University. The value of the scholarship is $16,500 and the application deadline is October 15, 2016.

    Application process:

    Applications must be made on the appropriate form and must be received by the Scholarships Office not later than 5pm on 15 October, or, if this is not a business day, not later than 5pm on the next business day.

    The scholarship is tenable for one year, by students enrolled in a programme for a master’s or an honours degree in Economics or Political Science at the University with a course weighting in the range 0.75–1.50 EFTS. Such a programme must include a research component of at least 30 points.

    Continuation of the scholarship is conditional on satisfactory academic progress and adherence to the University's statutes and regulations. 

    Selecction process:

    In making its recommendation the Committee will consider:

    a. academic achievement; and

    b. potential of the student’s research (project/dissertation/thesis) to contribute to research in Economics or Political Science.

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    Cómo solicitar

    Desde 10/06/2016 hasta 15/10/2016
    Fecha de convocatoria
    Información del convocante
    University of Canterbury
    Email de contacto
    +64 3 366 7001
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