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Program "Allocations de recherche pour une thèse au Sud" to young researchers

Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica- CONCYTEC


  • National of Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay or Costa-Rica;

  • Presenting a thesis topic falling within the scope of an existing research partnership between an IRD jointly-supervised unit and one or more southern teams, concerning the relation between health and environment;

  • Where the work program includes study periods alternating between the country of residence and another country (another southern country, France or another northern country) of at least 2 months' duration and, in France, limited to 6 months per year;

  • Being under the age of 45.


The "Allocations de recherche pour une thèse au Sud” (ARTS) is one of the programs supporting the strengthening and consolidation of research potential in southern countries being implemented by IRD in its dual role as research operator and agency. Through this program, IRD intends to help with the initial training of scientific staff in southern countries.

IRD PhD grants are intended to support PhD students from southern countries who are writing a thesis under a partnership between a northern research team and a southern research team, providing them with supervision and a good quality working environment and, in so doing, strengthening these countries' research capabilities.

The goal is to prepare young researchers to integrate the higher education and research system of a southern country, after finishing their thesis.


Assessment criteria


• Scientific quality of the project: scientific interest of the topic, scientific coherence of its presentation.

• Quality of the applicant and relevance of career path

• Quality of the partnership: the project forms part of an existing north-south partnership; the actual supervision given

• Overall relevance of the request: the fit with national research priorities, project's connection to a formalized research program, consistency of the work program, feasibility

• Expected consequences: the student's prospects of finding a position in the home country, potential for strengthening the capabilities of the home (southern) country team and the north-south and/or southern regional partnership. Jointly supervised or jointly tutored thesis projects and those presented with joint financing will be given preference.

The IRD promotes equality between the sexes. As a result, applications from women arestrongly encouraged.


Nature and terms of help provided 


The financing period is 36 months maximum, with no renewal or extension.

The monthly allowance is a contribution towards subsistence costs, calculated on the basis of the salary for an entry-level researcher in the host country. As the PhDs are taken with study periods alternating between the country of residence and another country (another southern country, France or another northern country), the monthly payment will vary depending on the student's location. The allowance paid per country is available on the ARTS program webpage.

To encourage mobility between southern countries, the allowance is increased by a fixed sum for study periods in another southern country.

IRD provides social security cover for the allowance recipient during the period the allowance is paid.

IRD pays travel costs between the planned study locations, namely one return trip per year.

The host team pays any operating costs together with the costs of any assignments that the allowance recipient might be required to carry out as part of his or her PhD work.

Mid-way through the PhD, the allowance recipient is obliged to submit an interim scientific report to the DPF (department of research and training programs), accompanied by a detailed opinion from the thesis tutor and, if applicable, the thesis advisory committee's conclusions. A negative assessment might lead to suspension of the allowance. A final report is also to be submitted at the end of the allowance period.

An agreement stipulating the various parties' commitments is signed when the allowance is awarded.


Application form

Unless otherwise indicated, all fields are mandatory. You are asked not to attempt to modify the form. The description of the research organizations makes it possible to appraise the applicant's scientific background; therefore each host team within a single research organization must be described.

- Covering letter from the applicant on a separate sheet ;

- Where the PhD has already started, the covering letter should be backed up withb a progress report ;

- The applicant's curriculum vitae on separate sheet(s) ;

- Detailed thesis plan, approved by the project coordinator (10 pages maximum), including in particular :

  • a precise current status report ;
  • the objectives ;
  • the methodology ;
  • the partnerships ;
  • the expected results and consequences ;
  • an accurate work schedule ;
  • a detailed bibliography ;
  • and if possible, the thesis committee composition.

- If work on the thesis has already started, a detailed progress report is requested.




After completing the attached application form, send email to

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