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International Postgraduate Bioengineering Research in Spain

Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia


  • Candidates must have been awarded a PhD degree prior to starting date at IBEC;

  • Candidates are eligible for a period of 5 years following the award of the PhD degree at the time of to starting date at IBEC;

  • Candidates of all nationalities are eligible;

  • Candidates must be first author on at least one peer-reviewed publication;

  • Candidates must have an excellent command of the English language.


The Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) is looking for Postdoctoral candidates to apply for the 2016 call of the The Programme in Bioengineering Excellence Scientific Training (BEST) that aims to attract experienced international researchers in the areas of Nanomedicine, Cell Engineering and ICT for Health, the three research flagships at IBEC. The scholarship includes EUR 32.572 gross salary, health cover, annual family allowance and paid holiday. Application deadline closes on September 9, 2016.


Fellowship Benefits

- 2-year labour contract for the performance of a research project.

- 32.572 € yearly gross salary with full security coverage, which includes health and accident insurance, pension and unemployment benefits.

- Annual Family allowance: 1.817 € for fellow with family obligations.

- Yearly 23 working days of paid holidays and 9 leave days for personal matters.



In order to be eligible, candidates have to accomplish with the following requirements:

- Candidates must have been awarded a PhD degree prior to recruitment (from February 1 st to April 30th 2017).

- Candidates are eligible for a period of 5 years following the award of the PhD degree at the time of recruitment. This limit will be extended in situations of documented career breaks such as maternity/paternity leave (up to 12 months per child), sick leave, forced displacement due to armed conflicts and military service for the necessary duration.

- Candidates of all nationalities are eligible. However, if they have resided or worked in Spain for more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to recruitment, they are not eligible. Please note that for refugees under the Geneva Convention, the refugee procedure (i.e. before refugee status is conferred) will not be counted as ‘period of residence/activity’ in Spain.

- Candidates must be first author on at least one peer-reviewed publication.

- Candidates must have an excellent command of the English language.

Candidates are allowed to apply for only one fellowship, as the fellowship cannot be held simultaneously with other fellowships of any kind. In this sense, fellows are expected to work regularly on their research project and regularly attend related scientific events which implies full time dedication to the fulfillment of the research project. Other responsibilities than research, such as teaching, if minimal, can be carried out.

All documents requested for the application have to be fulfilled and provided prior to the call deadline.


How to apply

Applications can be submitted from June 1 st until September 11th 2016 through the online application platform available in the IBEC website.

Applicants will need:

• To register in the BEST online application platform and create a new account.

• To fill in the Eligibility Section.

• To submit all required documents in the Application Section:

- Complete Curriculum Vitae with a full list of publications, years dedicated to research, conferences, projects, awards, mobility, tech transfer and teaching activities.

- Letter with a declaration of interests.

- One of the three IBEC areas that may be of interest: Nanomedicine, Cell Engineering and ICT for Health.

- The research group in which they would like to work.

• To write a proposal of a prospective research project to be carried out. IBEC invites applicants to get in touch with the Group Leader or Associated researcher of their choice, in order to discuss with them their research project. The project should have a maximum length of 6 pages plus references and should be written using the template downloadable here. Projects involving more than one research group are welcome, but a main supervisor at IBEC must be designated.

• The BEST ethical issues table (template provided in the online application platform), where any ethical issues arisen from their research proposal, should be pointed out and along with details about how they will be addressed to comply with Horizon2020 ethical principles.

• Certificate or official notification of the award of each academic degree (BsC, MsC and PhD).

• Contact details of the two referees that will support their application. Each referee will receive an email with a link where they will be able to upload the letter in PDF format on the online application platform.

Once an application is submitted, the candidate will receive automatically an acknowledgement of receipt together with an application reference number.

All personal data requested by IBEC from applicants will be treated in accordance with the principals of Spanish Personal Data Protection Act (LOPD, 15/1999). Only online applications will be eligible. Only applications submitted by the call deadline will be evaluated (including the reception of the reference letters).

Proposals submitted online can be resubmitted as many times as needed before the deadline (September 11th).


Selection criteria

a) The selection process The selection process is organized in four stages and will last 3 months, starting on 12 th September 2016 until the 15th December 2016:

Stage I: Eligibility check 

Stage II: Evaluation of CV and research proposal – 2 months.

Stage III: Interviews – 2 weeks.

Stage IV: final decision – 1 week

Candidates should meet the requirements set at each stage to proceed onto the next.

All candidates will be informed by e-mail at the end of each evaluation Stage.

b) Criteria for the selection of fellows

Five criteria will be used in evaluating the candidates:

1. Researcher’s CV

2. Quality of research

3. Impact

4. Feasibility of the project

5. Interview.



First call:

• 1 st June 2016. Launch of the first call

• 11th September. Deadline for submission of applications

• 12th–23th September. Elegibility check

• 26th September – 25th November. Evaluation of CVs and research proposal

• 28th November – 12th December. Videoconference interviews of final candidates

• 15 th December – 15th December 2016. Final decision

• 1 st February – 30th April 2017. Start of the first call of BEST programme fellowships

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