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Full PHD Scholarship in the Development and Progression of Lung Cancer in Australia

University of Newcastle


  • Have completed at least four years of undergraduate study;

  • Have attained Honours Class 1 or equivalent;

  • A high grade point average (GPA);

  • Meet the minimum English language requirements.


The University of Newcastle is admitting application for their Elucidating and Targeting Genomic and Epigenetic changes in the Development and Progression of Lung Cancer PHD Scholarship. It offers health care insurancefull tuition fee cover, relocation allowance, and thesis allowance

In partnership with the Lung Foundation Australia, the Faculty of Health and Medicine of the University of Newcastle wishes to support a PhD student to research a novel project, to enable for the first time, in identifying the somatic/genomic mutations and epigenetic changes that accompany the transition to lung cancer.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related morbidity and death in Australia and globally. Cigarette smoke is the commonest cause, and 10,000’s of current and former smokers are destined to develop lung cancer in Australia, >50% of these being adenocarcinomas. Surgery and chemotherapy are used to treat lung cancer, however, due to a poor understanding of the mechanisms driving its onset and progression, there are no broadly effective therapies.

Treatment outcomes are substantially improved by early diagnosis. However, early detection using computed tomography screening is complicated by large numbers of false positives leading to unnecessary further radiation exposure from serial imaging and subsequent invasive biopsy and surgery. Genomic analysis of how cigarette smokeinduces the development of lung cancer is a powerful potential approach to identify individuals at high risk, either alone or as a selector for screening.  We seek a PhD student to elucidate the genomic and epigenetic basis of the development of lung cancer and progression into adenocarcinomas.  By use of bronchoscopy, this low-impact and safe method can be used to collect biopsies, BAL and sputum amenable for the detection of these mutations and changes. Finally, mouse models will be used to identify the diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets and elucidate disease mechanisms.



Candidates must:

  • have completed at least four years of undergraduate study, have attained Honours Class 1 or equivalent, a high grade point average (GPA) and meet the minimum English language requirements



  • Scholarship offers must be taken-up in the year of the offer and cannot be deferred to the following year.
  • Be enrolled on-campus (off-campus enrolment may be approved in exceptional circumstances).


Scholarship Details:

A full-time scholarship will be funded by the Faculty of Health and Medicine (UON) providing an annual living allowance $26,288 p.a. (2016 rate - indexed annually).  In addition, the successful applicant will receive student research support of $5,000 per annum for 4 years and a laptop.

The scholarship may also include:

  • a relocation allowance (up to $2,020)
  • a thesis allowance (up to $500)
  • a full tuition fee scholarship (international students)
  • overseas student health cover (OSHC) (international students)

PhD scholarships are for three years, less any tenure already completed towards a research degree.

Scholarships are granted on the basis of academic merit, which includes undergraduate grade point average and extra research attainments.


Application Procedure:

Please ensure the following documents are attached to support your scholarship application:

  • Copies of research publications, exhibitions or conference papers
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Details of previous research experience e.g. research work experience / study
  • Any additional documents that may add to the applicant's scholarship application e.g. evidence of the award of a University Medal

Enquiries and applications – are to be emailed to

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Desde 08/07/2016 hasta 29/07/2016
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University of Newcastle
+61 2 4921 5000
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