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Fritz Thyssen Foundation scholarships for doctoral degrees

Fritz Thyssen Foundation


  • The applicant

  • Not have received his or her doctoral degree more than one or two years previously.

  • The stipend should be associated with a scholarly project that is independent of any outside influence and be based on individual initiative and be carried out at a school of higher learning or at a non-profit research facility.

  • The planned project should generally comprise a period of one to two years.

  • No stipends are awarded for doctoral dissertations or “Habilitationen” (post-doctoral research) or to complete such works to follow up support through other institutions; nor can stipends be applied for to support students at the bachelor

  • The foundation generally does not accept any applications for projects if applications are being filed with other institutions offering support at the same time to ease the burden on its experts assessing applications.


Stipends from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation are an instrument used to support highly qualified individual junior scholars that have doctoral degrees in a research project over a limited period of time. They are to be offered the opportunity to fully concentrate on the research project they have selected with the help of a post-doc stipend.

The basic payment for scholars is € 1,800 per month.

An application can be filed in the following areas of support:

The Fritz Thyssen Foundation also provides other stipends within the framework of special topical programs.


Stipend amount

The basic payment irrespective of age is € 1,800 per month. To cover material and travel costs (e.g. for books, information visits to other working groups) directly connected to the academic work, a lump sum allowance of € 200 per month can be awarded as additional payment. Significant special expenses beyond this can only be considered if applied for in advance.

A grant can be awarded for travel expenses to the place of the academic work up to the amount of the costs actually incurred, which should not exceed 2nd class for rail travel and economy class for air travel. Price reductions should be made use of wherever possible.

Partial stipends (at least 50%) can be awarded to give stipend holders the opportunity to take care of their children alongside their academic activity. The duration of the stipend is extended accordingly.

The stipend holder shall be responsible for ensuring that he or she has adequate health-insurance coverage (including for foreign countries) during the period of the stipend granted. The foundation does not pay any subsidies or benefits in the event of sickness or accident.


To apply for this scholarship, candidates must send the folowing documents:

  • Application form (signed in the original)
  • Detailed description of the research project: topic, present state of research, preparatory work done including a list of the applicant's publications, planned procedure, theories and methods, time schedule and work plan (around 10 to 15 pages)
  • Bibliography on the topic
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Declaration that no application of this or a similar kind is at present under consideration elsewhere, nor has any such application been submitted to any other organization (if an application(s) has indeed been filed, the foundation may request additional information on such).
  • Informal confirmation that it is possible for the applicant to work at the planned research site by the planned supervisor
  • If applicable, an itemized budget for planned stays abroad or similar

The application documents are to be sent as single copies (unstapled and unbound) by postal service. Applications may be submitted in German or in English to: 

Fritz Thyssen Foundation,

Apostelnkloster 13-15,

50672 Cologne, Germany

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Preguntas y respuestas (2)

I'm Brazilian, However, I'll start my research At the University in Portugal in September. I can apply for?
Preguntado por Willian H. el 28 may 2016

Buenos dias, mi nombre es EDGAR JOSE GOMEZ RODRIGUEZ, C.I: 20.567.158, soy estudiante de Ingeniería Electrónica de la UCV, Caracas

y tengo todas las materias finalizadas. Quisiera saber si dentro del programa de becas ; existe la posibilidad de realizar la

tesis de grado en una Universidad de Alemania. Ya tengo el Tema de Tesis ( ALGORITMOS GENETICOS) y la idea es continuar con una Maestria

en Electrónica.

Le agradezco cualquier información al respecto,

Se despide de Ud, muy atentamente,

Edgar J. Gómez Rodriguez
TELEF: 0424-1617443
Preguntado por Edgar G. el 25 sep 2016

Cómo solicitar

Desde 13/05/2016 hasta 31/12/2016
Fecha de convocatoria
Información del convocante
Fritz Thyssen Foundation
Apostelnkloster , 13 -15
50672 Köln
Email de contacto
+49 221 27 74 96 0
+49 221 27 74 96 196
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