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Andrea Brander accommodation scholarships

Victoria University of Wellington


  • These scholarships are offered to students who are intending to enrol in their first year undergraduate studies who would otherwise be unable toattend Victoria University for family or financial reasons


The Andrea Brander Accommodation Scholarship was established to assist one student each year to afford suitable accommodation. It is intended for students who would otherwise be unable to attend Victoria University for family or financial reasons. These grants can assist with accommodation costs in any of the Halls of Residence, flats or private board. The Closing date for applications ends on November 1st.


How do students apply?

The closing date to apply for the scholarship is 1 November. Applicants for the scholarship will be required to provide: proof of financial need and eligibility for a Student Allowance; evidence that they have, or are likely to achieve, a university qualification; and evidence (usually in the form of a school reference) that they are likely to perform well academically.


Decision makers

The scholarship shall be awarded by a panel selected by the Scholarships Office on the basis of proven financial need and academic merit.


What conditions are attached to acceptance of this Award?

The Victoria University Foundation will expect recipients to write a letter of thanks to the donor on receipt of the award and an end of year progress report.

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