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Wheaton's full tuition for a M.A. program Scholarship

Wheaton College


  • North American (U.S. or Canada) citizenship;

  • Graduation from an accredited four-year college/university or equivalent (BA degree);

  • Completion of at least one full term (no less than two years) of service as a career missionary outside North America;

  • Affiliation with a recognized mission organization or denomination which will endorse the student's study plan;

  • Commitment to return to his or her ministry outside North America upon completion of M.A. studies;

  • Healthcare workers: Medical missionaries who are professionally active and meet the above requirements also may be eligible for this award.


Wheaton College Graduate School opens it's North American Furloughing Missionary Scholarship.

Award Details

- Full-tuition for an M.A. program at Wheaton College Graduate School.
- Loan/scholarship. For each year the recipient serves in his/her ministry outside of North America after the completion of M.A. studies, 25% of the loan is forgiven and becomes a scholarship. If the recipient does not return to his/her ministry and homeland, the amount of funding that was provided, as well as interest, must be repaid.

Application Details

- Complete a Preliminary Eligibility Form after July 1. Eligibility cannot be determined before this. If you are considered eligible, you will be sent an application packet.
- The deadline for submitting scholarship application materials is December 1 of the year prior to which you seek to be admitted into Wheaton College Graduate School.
- Complete files of candidates who meet the requirements for this award and who are accepted into the Wheaton Graduate School are reviewed and evaluated in late February.
- Those selected for awards receive immediate notification.
- Scholarship applications and Graduate School admission should proceed at the same time. Materials are not interchangeable.

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