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Public Governance and Administration course in Singapore

Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP)


  • Mid-to senior-level government officials involved in public governance and administration;

  • Nominated by their respective Governments;

  • Proficient in spoken and written English;

  • In good health.


The Singapore Cooperation Programme invites you to the Public Governance and Administration course, to be conducted by the Civil Service College. The course will be held from 23 to 27 January 2017. The closing date for nomination is 12 December 2016.

The course is sponsored by the Government of Singapore under the Singapore Cooperation Programme Training Award and the Small Island Developing States Technical Cooperation Programme.

Under this programme arrangement, the Government of Singapore will bear the following expenses for the successful applicants (thereafter known as participants) during their training in Singapore. These expenses include:

- A daily training allowance of One Hundred and Twenty Singapore Dollars (S$120) from first day to last day of the course to cover meals and daily expenses. [Complimentary breakfast is provided in the hotel from the first day to one day after the course.];

- Transportation to course venue and site visits;

- Medical insurance for participants to cover accident and hospitalisation during their stay in Singapore in accordance with the policy of a local insurance company; and

- Accommodation for the entire duration of the course.

This course will provide participants with an overview of the Singapore public service and its philosophy towards public governance and administration. The course also aims to provide insights on Singapore human resource strategies and how it eventually cascades into a relevant public service. By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

- Gain insights on Singapore’s approach to governance and understand how they are translated into policies for implementation.

- Understand Singapore’s public administrative and financial reform initiatives.

- Appreciate the importance of corruption control for effective public administration.

- Understand key trends and developments affecting human resource management.

Topics to be covered include:

- Foundations and frameworks: Singapore’s approach to governance

- Public sector reform and managing change

- Public policy development

- Singapore’s development and modernization experience

- Financial and budgetary process in the Singapore public service

- Human resource management and development for the Singapore Public Service

- E-Government: Towards public sector excellence

- Corruption control: The Singapore experience

Using the best mix of training and learning methodologies, this programme will be highly interactive and experiential. Besides formal lecturing, participants will engage in open discussions, group work, exercises and other learning methodologies. Participants will have adequate opportunity to share their experiences, learning points and challenges during the programme.

Participants are required to comply with the following:

(a) Strictly observe course schedules and not miss training sessions.

(b) Not bring any member of their family and/or aide for the duration of the course.

(c) Carry out instructions and abide by conditions as may be stipulated by the nominating Government or the Government of Singapore with respect to the course.

(d) Refrain from engaging in political activities, or any form of employment for profit or gain while in Singapore.

(e) Discontinue the course, in the event they fall seriously ill and are considered unable to continue the training or have committed an improper act.

(f) Return to their respective home countries upon completion of the course.

The Government of Singapore is pleased to invite the respective National Focal Points for Technical Assistance to nominate one (1) suitable applicant. Selection of candidates will be based on merit. Should there be more applicants than training places, the Government of Singapore seeks the understanding of the respective National Focal Points for Technical Assistance in the event that its nominee(s) is not selected.

All nominations are to be submitted by the respective Government Institutions, using the official application form. The application forms are to be submitted and should reach the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore through the National Focal Point and the Singapore Embassy in the nominating country not later than Monday, 12 December 2016.


Please address the forms to:


Technical Cooperation Directorate

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore


Singapore 248163

Attn: Mr Lee Ban Sing

Tel: (65) 6379 8476

Fax: (65) 6479 3357


- To expedite the process, a copy of the completed application forms can be scanned and sent via e-mail/fax to the email address/fax number stated above. The original application forms can be mailed through diplomatic or normal channels.

- All application forms should be completed in full and must bear the endorsement of the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs or National Focal Point responsible for technical assistance.

- Incomplete application forms or forms which are not endorsed will not be accepted.

- Applicants should refrain from making telephone, fax and email inquiries on the status of their applications.

- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore will inform all applicants of the outcome of their applications. Their National Focal Point will also be informed directly or through our diplomatic representations in the nominating country.

- Flight arrangements are only to be made upon receipt of the Letter of Acceptance to the course.

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Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP)
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(65) - 6379 8000
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