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Humboldt Research Award

Fundación Alexander von Humboldt


  • The nominee must be recognised internationally as an outstandingly qualified academic (e.g. awards, positive responses to publications, etc.);

  • The nominee's future perspectives must indicate that she/he will continue to be an active, academically influential researcher in the coming years;

  • Detailed expert opinion by an academic working at a research institution in Germany who would like to invite the nominee to spend time researching in Germany;

  • Two expert reviews by important international and one from German collaborative partners and/or academics.


Every year, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation grants up to 100 Humboldt Research Awards to internationally renowned academics from abroad in recognition of their entire academic record to date. Application deadline si until December 31, 2016. The award amount totals EUR 60,000. In Germany, research awards are generally exempt from income tax under German tax law. In addition, further expenditures (such as travel or language courses) are covered in the context of the invitation to stay in Germany for research purposes. For more details please refer to General Regulations and Information for Award Winners.

Nomination Entitlement

An established academic who is employed by a university or research institution in Germany must take the initiative to nominate a candidate for the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award. Nominations may also be initiated by award winners of the Humboldt Foundation working abroad, provided that the nomination is made jointly with a colleague working in Germany. Close relatives (parents, brothers/sisters, children) and spouses/partners are not eligible for nomination. Self-nomination is not possible.

Nomination Prerequisites

The nominee’s outstanding academic qualification must be internationally recognised and documented by corresponding successes in research, such as positively received academic publications or previous awards. The Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award can only be granted once to any one academic. Researchers who have already received an award for their academic achievements from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation are not eligible to be nominated.

Furthermore, the nominee should not have recently won any awards or fellowships in Germany for his or her academic achievements. At the time of nomination, the nominated candidate must have been predominantly living and working abroad for at least five years. Moreover, the nominee must not have held or accepted an offer of permanent employment in Germany prior to the selection date. In cases of doubt, please contact the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in advance.

Nominating academics must guarantee that they can provide the necessary infrastructure for the award winner’s own research projects or lecture tours (e.g. access to libraries, materials, facilities). German hosts are also expected to be well prepared for the award winner’s research stay and to act as his or her personal mentor (e.g. finding accommodation).

Selection Procedure

An independent Selection Committee appointed by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation meets twice a year, in spring and autumn, to decide on the nominations in the respective round. Reviewing an application takes approximately six months. Nominations may be submitted at any time to the following address: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Selection Department Jean-Paul-Str. 12, 53173 Bonn, Germany To make a nomination, please use only the current nomination documents, which can be downloaded from the Humboldt Foundation’s website at Further information on the selection procedure can be found on the Humboldt Foundation’s website and in the "Guidelines for completing the nomination".

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